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Why you need this

  • More Housing Choice:

    Empowering you to find housing options that best suit your needs and preferences, promoting diversity and inclusivity in residential living.

  • Real Belonging

    Cultivating a genuine sense of community and connectedness, where you feel valued, supported, and truly at home.

  • Planet Friendly Living

    Emphasising sustainable and environmentally conscious living practices, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations.

What we do for you…

We shoulder the burden of development, freeing you from the constraints of traditional housing products.

We then collaborate with you, to craft living spaces that challenge convention, offering unparalleled choices. 

Our focus is on fostering communities and forging genuine connections. We help to nurture a profound sense of belonging, while innovating together to embrace a more planet-friendly way of life. 

We are breaking free from the ‘one size fits all’ approach. ReThinking housing that enriches your life, co-created by you.

how can I get Involved?

If you’re ready to Transform Your Living Experience visit ReThink Community. 

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ReThink Homes

Our Products

Big House Co-living

Big House Co-Living is designed to nurture a more communal lifestyle for house sharing. Inspired by the family unit, but you choose your family. Whether you find your house mates or we help you too.

The spirit of community is central by prioritising shared spaces within each house. This approach aims to foster a sense of togetherness and connection among residents.

Residents manage the property as it’s their own, we support you to do that.

Village co-Housing

The village co-housing offers private dwellings for a variety of households, within an interconnected community.

The village is tailored to individuals and families seeking a balance between private living and a strong sense of community. It offers a supportive and collaborative environment where residents can enjoy the benefits of shared facilities and interconnected spaces while maintaining their own private home. This is cohousing, or intentional community, but you create the terms and conditions to suit your lifestyle.

One Planet Living

The concept of One Planet Living, is centred around the idea of living within the Earth’s resources, in a way that is sustainable and in harmony with the natural world. 

This approach aligns closely with the three core aims of ReThink Homes: More Housing Choice, Real Belonging, and Planet Friendly Living.

The 10 principles of One Planet Living provide a framework for achieving sustainable and regenerative communities. Let’s explore how these principles intersect with the core aims of ReThink Homes:

Health and Happiness:

By offering more housing choices, ReThink Homes can contribute to the well-being and happiness of individuals, providing living spaces that support physical and mental health.

Equity and Local Economy:

Creating communities based on real belonging fosters equity and strengthens local economies, promoting a sense of ownership and shared prosperity among residents.

Culture and Community:

The emphasis on real belonging aligns with the principle of culture and community, as ReThink Homes seeks to create places that are based on community and connect people.

Land and Nature:

Planet-friendly living is at the heart of this principle, and ReThink Homes’ commitment to living more sustainably directly supports the preservation of land and nature.

Sustainable Water:

Through innovative water management and conservation practices, ReThink Homes can contribute to sustainable water use within its communities.

Local and Sustainable Food:

By promoting community gardens, urban agriculture, and access to local, sustainable food sources, ReThink Homes can support this principle.

Sustainable Materials:

The construction and design of ReThink Homes’ properties can prioritise the use of sustainable and low-impact materials, in line with the principle of sustainable materials.

Sustainable Transport:

By prioritising locations with access to public transportation and promoting alternative and active modes of transport, as well as car sharing, ReThink Homes can support sustainable transport options for its residents.

Zero Waste:

Implementing waste reduction and recycling programs within ReThink Homes’ communities can contribute to the principle of zero waste.

Zero Carbon:

ReThink Homes’ commitment to planet-friendly living and sustainable practices can work towards achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions within its communities.

By integrating the 10 principles of One Planet Living into its core aims, ReThink Homes can create communities that are not only environmentally sustainable but also foster a sense of belonging and offer diverse housing choices, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and regenerative world.

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